The World of Varin

Grobal Nekantor and Imbati Xinta, "The Eminence's Match" (art by Jared Fiori)
I have a new Varin short story coming out, "Soul's Bargain," in Clarkesworld 94, which is set in the deep history of the world before its caste system was established. This world was first revealed to readers in "The Eminence's Match" (Eight Against Reality, Panverse Publishing, 2010).  It consists of eight busy cavern cities, where classical stone buildings stand alongside modern apartment blocks.  It is presently ruled by the Eminence, a member of the noble caste known as the Grobal.  Each of the seven castes of Varin has its own special identity, its own ideals and values, and each (except the lowest) believes that it makes the most important contribution to Variner society as a whole.

Grobal:  Leadership - government, judges
Arissen:  Officers - police, soldiers, etc.
Imbati: Servants - civil, personal, legal, etc.
Kartunnen: Knowledge - artisans, engineers, etc.
Venorai: Labor - miners, farmers, hunters, etc.
Melumalai: Commerce - retail, bankers, insurance, etc.
Akrabitti: Undercaste - waste, menials, cremation, etc.