May 29, 2013

May Writing Update

Time flies between writing updates!

It's now May, and I've officially begun my search for a new agent, so cross your fingers for me. It's hard to concentrate while waiting for replies, but I'm managing all right. I'm in the midst of writing a new story called "Battle Moon," and I'm also getting into the right headspace to start my next Varin novel, which if all goes well will be the first of a trilogy to follow For Love, For Power. I've also been having thoughts about a science fiction story called "Among Barbarians," which will be a sequel to my 2009 Analog story, "Cold Words." I'm guessing that I'll bounce around between these three projects for a while until one of them seriously lights a fire under me, and then I'll focus on that one for a while. I suspect it had better be "Battle Moon," though, because I want to get that one done before school gets out!

This month was crazy, mostly in a good way. I attended both the Nebula Awards and the BayCon convention, and enjoyed both of them very much (here is my report on both). I have met, and seen, tons of wonderful people in this time. One of the highlights of the Nebulas was our special guest, Alethea Kontis, who is just lovely and felt like part of our family even though she was only staying with us for two days. I'm quite short on sleep but feeling very jazzed and professional, because going to events like these reminds me that I'm part of a really special community. It's hard to find cooler, more imaginative people anywhere!

So, I'm in a race against time until June 13 when the kids get out of school. Let's see how much writing I can get done!