April 15, 2013

April writing update

April is here, and my writing is going pretty well. After some serious agonizing, I finally parted ways with my former agent, who wasn't a good match for my current novel. I wrote about some of my reasoning at TalkToYoUniverse, here. At this point I can say that it feels like the right decision. I'm excited about my book again, after being in limbo for four months across the new year. I just got some really terrific comments on it from my friend and deeply admired mentor, Deborah J. Ross, and I'm working on revisions with new energy. When those are done I'll be contemplating how to move forward on agent-searching and/or publisher-searching.

In the short story arena, my story "Mind Locker" is now complete and out on submission, receiving its requisite rejections. I have another story, "Lady Sakura's Letters" also out on submission, so obviously there's a lot of finger-crossing going on.

I also have publications to look forward to! Next month, I have a column on worldbuilding appearing in Blue Shift magazine's inaugural issue, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I also have a short story due out later this year, the details of which are required to remain hazy for the moment (but don't worry, I'll certainly tell you when I can).

As always, family life continues to be busy and exciting, and I have to sneak writing in wherever possible. New short stories and new novels are bouncing around in my head, so I'll be working hard to bring those into the world this year and going forward.

Life is full!