March 18, 2013

Second draft of "Mind Locker" is done!

I just finished the second draft of the story I'm calling "Mind Locker." I'm very excited about this story, and while I'm eager to get it out on the market, I also don't want to rush and make accidental mistakes. What I mean by that is that the story changed a lot between draft 1 and draft 2, and since there's so much new material, it's possible that inconsistencies may have cropped up. It's also possible that I may have erased something critical that readers needed to understand the story! So that's why I always like to go through a second round of reading after I've finished a second draft of this type. Let's just say that I don't want to get my last round of critique from editors, giving the reason why they rejected me!

While I do minor cleanup on that story, I'm starting in on two others. The task of a writer is never to stop writing!