January 07, 2013

Happy New Year Plans

Wow, it's 2013 suddenly!

If you're like me, the coming of a new year provides a great opportunity to think through what you've done in the last year, and what you'd like to get done in the next one. I've been thinking a great deal about my writing and what kinds of things I'd like to do next. Because I have a novel draft sitting out there, it means that whatever plans I make may at some point have to be pushed aside. If my agent wants revisions, I'll have to put down whatever I'm working on and do revisions. If everything goes according to my wildest dreams, I may have an editor who asks for revisions, in which case the novel will hop immediately to the top of the pile.

But it's not safe to make assumptions, first of all, and second of all, waiting is one of the most torturous parts of the writer's life. You have to keep your sanity through the waiting by always working on something new.

I'm working on the revisions right now for "Mind Locker." Given that today is the first day my kids are going back to school, work has been slow since Christmas, but I look forward to having that pick up. I have a few stub stories, either partly or mostly finished, that I'm thinking of returning to finish. and I have a few concept-stage stories that I need to get writing. I went through, in fact, to look at which things I'd be most likely to work on in the next year, and came up with seven stories. Seven - it's an ambitious number given my life demands, but I'm game to try it.

I wish you all the best in your projects for this year. I'm hoping this year will be an exciting one for me - and for you too!