October 01, 2012

Reviews of The Liars

Read an excerpt of this story here.

Colleen Chen at Tangent Online says, There are a couple of common themes in this story—the destruction of a culture by tourism, and the issue of how to respect the culture of an alien world even if one judges it to be wrong. These themes are woven into a unique and complex story that is visual and beautiful, tense and highly dimensioned. I love the world of the Poik that Wade has created, with all its social and linguistic details.

Sam Tomaino at SFRevu calls "The Liars" an exciting adventure, and a good solid story to start the issue

John's Reading says, First up is ‘The Liars’ from Juliette Wade. Adrian and Qing had come to Poik to visit a friend on their way out to their next assignment. They’d only intended to stay a short while but both were excellent linguists and couldn’t help noticing the apparent anomalies in the Poik culture, especially the sub-culture of the Liars. As they dig deeper, they find the Poik home world far from paradisical. This tale was fast moving and kept up the tension well as the humans find out what it was that the Poik were hiding in their city trees – you soon lose any feeling that these are ewok clones! 

Jude-Marie Green says, Juliette Wade's LIARS is excellent, a good anthropology detective story.