July 16, 2012

Look out for "The Liars!"

Today I just got news that a friend has received his paper copy of the October issue of Analog, where my story appears. This is always such an exciting time for me...there's nothing like seeing my name in print, and this one particularly is a dream come true!

So if you don't have a subscription, keep your eye out in bookstores or online for the opportunity to see this one. The September issue is still the one up on the Analog website, and I'll try to let you know when it changes, for there is likely to be a sample of "The Liars" up as well. I will be traveling during the month of August, however, which may make it hard for me to do the update. I'll see how I go!

Here again is the blurb, in case you hadn't seen what the story is about.

The Liars
Allied Systems linguists Adrian and his wife Qing meet a friend on the eco-vacation planet of Poik-Paradise, where they are dismayed to find the Paradise Company exploiting the native people as cute tour guides. Adrian's skill with the local language attracts a guide named Op who doesn't seem quite like the others, and the longer they spend with her, the more it seems that something sinister is happening in Paradise. Is the Paradise Company up to something? Are the Poik? How can they find out how deep this goes when they're not sure if Op can be trusted?