April 28, 2012

To the critiquers!

News of the day is that my novel has moved to the next stage. I've finished the draft, read and revised it end to end, and today I sent it out for critique. I have a good feeling about this novel, but in a work this long, there's always going to be something to work on. At the moment I'm going through and assessing my works in progress (I always have works in progress!) to decide what to do with myself besides blogging and social media for the period before comments come in.

The title of this post is also deliberately intended as a toast of appreciation. I don't know what I'd do without my fabulous critiquers. This book has so many different balls in the air that it must be submitted to the gaze of outsiders. I am especially grateful to Traci Castleberry, who has agreed to lend an eye from the point of view of her particular expertise, which has special bearing on this novel  - and to Deborah, J. Ross for putting me in touch with her.

I'm excited and a bit nervous about having people look at my work this time. This book is a culmination of a very, very long process of world development and craft development. I'm hoping that my friends will be terribly tough on me, and yet I can't help hoping also that they won't find anything to require a massive rewrite.

Critiquers, here's to you!