January 24, 2012

"The Liars" sells to Analog!

I'm thrilled! I just got news today that "The Liars" will appear in Analog Magazine. My attitude whenever I submit something is "hope, but not expect," the way that I have taught my children to deal with things like raffles. And while I have more control over my own submissions than over what gets pulled from a raffle basket, there's no sure way to know the editor's mind, except to wait. This story had a very quick turn-around, at twenty-nine days. I'm not sure when it will appear, but I will certainly share any information I can, when I have it.

Thanks to all of you who have followed along here and on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. with my process of writing this story. It had its ups and downs! By far my biggest worry was about the physics involved. I am not a physicist, but I'm lucky enough to know some great ones (notably Alan Smale and residents of the Analog forum) who helped me out and made sure I wasn't fouling it up. Special thanks go to my critique group, Written in Blood, and to Deborah J. Ross, Jamie Todd Rubin, Margaret McGaffey Fisk, and Brad Torgerson, who each had an important role in getting me through this. I appreciate all your help.