December 13, 2011


I'm thrilled to say that I finished Chapter 24 of For Love, For Power last night. It happened very quickly but put me through an emotional wringer. Being at this point in the story, not quite ten chapters away from the end, is very exciting but each chapter I write seems to get me all bound up. I'm sure those of you who write are familiar with how one can feel very attached to one's characters and feel very bad about making them suffer... all the while having to figure out how to make them suffer more! It's been tricky for me because the last three or four chapters have been the story's low point in terms of the suffering of my protagonists. I'm hoping that things will now get easier for me as I move into the section of the book where they start being able to do something about it!

My plan for today is to take on the last scene of my shorter story, "The Liars." This one has been wrestling with me for quite a while but I'm hoping to take it to the mats now - ideally, by this afternoon! On the other hand, I know how my life can suddenly get out of hand, so I'll be cautious in my predictions. Now that my momentum is up I'd like to get "The Liars" out the door on submission, and head into Chapter 25. The closer I get to the end of my novel, the shorter the chapters get, and the closer I get to the eventual payoff.

For those of you who are interested in stopping by my blog, I should tell you that I'm going to have a wonderful guest post this week by Jane Kindred, author of The Fallen Queen (just out from Entangled Publishing). She's going to be telling us about how she came to study Russian and weave it into her novel - and I'm sure you'll love her story as much as I do.