October 23, 2011

Second draft finished!

On Friday I finished the second draft of my story, "The Liars." I think I rewrote about 70% of it in the end, if you count what I took out and what I then added. It was worth it - I'm much happier with it now. It has gone out to second round critiquers, and I'm looking forward to cleaning it up and getting it out the door!

I learned a lot in rewriting this one. While I'm very fond of writing alien point of view, I realized that this story would be less successful if I included alien point of view, rather than more successful. The demands of the specific story should come before my own general inclinations - and the added bonus is that it will be far, far easier to read aloud! (This one was going to be basically impossible to render vocally anyway.)

"The Liars" is destined to be sent to Analog first, since it takes place in the Allied Systems universe.

This means I can get back to my novel, For Love, For Power, which takes place in my Varin world. It has been sitting on the back burner since the beginning of the summer. I'd been hoping to finish it by the end of the year, but now it looks like that date will be pushed back a bit. I'm no stranger to pushing back deadlines, though, and I'm doing better than I have for a long time in terms of productivity, so I'll just dive in... I'm also going to be trying to finish another short story (this one already started) in between chapters.

Getting back to Varin also has made me start rethinking and re-outlining my original trilogy, Fires of Change, for which For Love, For Power is a sort of prequel. I won't be trying any text on that one for quite a while, because the outline needs a lot of work first.

I'm so happy to be making progress after a long period of being in-the-middle-of-things!