October 26, 2011

Going to World Fantasy Convention, and writing update!

So I'm going to World Fantasy Convention this year. I learned early on that the convention was selling fast, and managed to get in before they sold out - I consider myself very lucky. While I won't be on programming, I will be around and soaking it all in, getting ideas and meeting people with wonderful ideas. It will be great to have a chance to talk to my agent, who lives in the area, and see some author friends who rarely come up to the SF Bay Area. If you are going, keep your eye out for me, because I'd love to say hello!

I designed a dialect yesterday. This is to say that I picked out some basic features for it, and then started writing it, whereupon other features of it came together. It's the undercaste dialect for Varin, and I'd never really set about designing it as a separate "language" before. Now that I have, I'm extremely happy, and was so inspired that I had to start writing part of the novel that opens with it - the novel that follows For Love, For Power. So it ends up that now I'm writing and designing the big trilogy - trying to keep it under control so I don't derail For Love, For Power, of course. I think it's worthwhile to think ahead about what would follow your work in progress, because when you finally go about selling it, it might be a good idea to mention what you'll be doing to follow it up. And that means having at least some idea of what the followers will look like. The dialect I designed will also come in very handy when I get to the end of the current novel, as there is an undercaste member who features prominently in the finale. More I shall not divulge!

This is going to be an exciting end to the year, with For Love, For Power and Varin on my mind. Besides this world, Varin is my favorite place to live.