September 22, 2011

Writing again...

Well, I've had some interesting developments in my writing in the last few days.

One is a story that I'm revising with fingers heavily crossed, hoping to answer some specific comments I received from an editor... I'd love to have that one land, but I can't say any more about it at the moment.

Probably the best development from my point of view is that I'm writing again. Each of the last three days I've achieved my "space" for writing, where I'm just going and the words are coming out of me without me having the feeling that I'm re-reading sections over and over, trying to get things moving again (I've felt like that for the last month at least!)

I took a huge leap forward today on my second draft of "The Liars," which is a new tale for my Allied Systems universe. I just finished a scene that I'd had to create from scratch to fit the entirely new focus and outline that the story is now demanding! I'm hoping that the remaining two scenes will now fall into line and the draft will wrap up in the next few days. That would be a huge weight off my shoulders.

Finally, I had another piece fall into place for a new story idea I'm working with. This one is going to be my first gesture toward the subgenre of steampunk, but I'm planning to take it in a bit of an unusual direction, involving cosplayers... I'm getting close to the point where the story may start demanding an outline, though I think I need to make sure I fill in a few more blanks first. In any case, I'm learning more about cosplay and enjoying it quite a bit, trying to dig into some of the cultural background of cosplay in its native environment in Japan.

It feels great to be back in the swing of things.