July 16, 2011

Victory! A story draft

I'm super excited today, because I just finished my first draft of a new Allied Systems story, entitled "The Liars." I've been working on it since I decided to step back from my novel and shore up my understanding of the outline before finishing the last third of it. Because my kids are out of school I've been sneaking in writing hours in early mornings and late evenings... and now it has paid off.

"The Liars" features a human linguist couple, Adrian and Qing Preston, visiting the planet of Pok-Paradise, where the eco-tourism is great and the natives are too cute and fuzzy and sweet for words... But of course there's more going on than that.

I'm about to send it out to my writer's group, Written in Blood, and I'm sure they're going to make me raise my game - which, given that I'm planning to send this to Analog, would be a good thing.

Getting a draft finished always makes me feel good!