June 13, 2011

Taking a breath to outline...

I'm very excited about the novel I'm writing. If you've been following my blog, TalkToYoUniverse, you've heard me talking about it for at least six months. It's called For Love, For Power, and it takes place in my Varin world. I just finished Chapter 21 - an amazing amount of progress considering that I lost two and a half chapters in a theft last year and had to resume writing it starting with Chapter 6 in January this year. At this point I feel like I can see the end of the book approaching - and while I wish it could happen faster, I'm stopping for a few days to take a breath.

I outlined this book very early in the process and knew that my sense of story events would become clearer as I progressed. When I'm writing headlong I don't have a chance to push deeper and make sure everything tangles together properly, so I'm feeling the need to step away from the story and take a long look at the way the end chapters fit together. The book has three points of view, and they start more independently, but the further the book goes the more tightly tangled they get, so I'm needing to make sure that character 1's chapters feature appearances by both 2 and 3, and character 2's chapters include 1 and 3, and character 3's chapters include 1 and 2. I need to make sure I've thought through all the balls I got rolling so I don't miss any down the stretch. Most of all, I'm trying to stop myself from rushing so fast that I miss something critical. I don't like to have really rough first drafts!

So while I take this breather, I'm working on two short stories. It should be refreshing and fun, and easier to do since I'm traveling for the next couple of weeks (I'll still be online though!). Once everything tightens up and ripens, I'll be jumping back in to For Love, For Power, and likely enough I'll get all the way to the end this time.

After all the time I've spent planning and writing this book, that will feel very satisfying!

I hope all of you are having a great summer!