April 11, 2011

April Writing Update

I'm pleased to say that I have just finished Chapter 14 of my work in progress, and I've found a way to get exercise, short stories and novel writing into my schedule. I know a lot of writers struggle with short writing times, and I'm certainly no exception. I also find it very hard to make a quick transition from short story writing to novel writing (yet I want to get both done).

My new solution, which so far is working quite well, is to go to bed early (9:30), get up early (5:30), work on short stories until it's time for my kids to get up (7:00) and use the kid preparations and school dropoff as a natural mental transition between the short and long forms. Then after I drop them off I hit the novel writing for the rest of the morning. That means blogging has to happen in afternoons or early evenings, or on weekends. I have my exercise fit in during the morning time period on Monday (ice skating, which I love), Wednesday (a dance class, which I also love) and Friday (walking around the local lake, which I love because of the marsh birds). Tuesday I do exercise after lunch.

What I'm finding - to my considerable delight - is that it's easier to motivate myself for the exercise because I enjoy it, and it's also becoming easier for me to be more energetic and get more writing done during the time I have available. I'm not feeling a loss of productivity, which is very important to me. I'm going to have a big celebration when I hit the halfway point on For Love, For Power. That will be when I finish chapter 17, and it feels like it's getting closer!