January 21, 2011

Striving for balance in what I write

It's time for another writing update! I'm actually succeeding in being more productive this year than I have been since the birth of my first child. This is a very good thing for me, as you might imagine. What I'm finding, though, is that I'm trying to find a balance between the two sides of my writing: the short stories, and the novels. The short stories are rewarding because they get done sooner, and they contribute to my writerly reputation on an ongoing basis. The novels are rewarding because they are the future - this is where the meat of a writerly career really lies. However, they get written very slowly, and make me feel that I'm not seeing tangible or demonstrable results.

Must write faster...

Unfortunately, writing faster is just what I'm terribly bad at doing, because I always write in multiple layers of meaning, and if I leave one or two of those layers out, then the story will stop moving forward. It's like a juggler trying to walk forward: the balls have to keep moving as she walks, or some of them will bounce away behind her and she may never be able to find them!

The good news is that I am doing quite well. I've been struggling with Chapter 8 a bit, so I decided to go back and look at the old material I had for Chapter 9 - and Chapter 9 started to write itself! I went with that, and now Chapter 9 is almost finished. Chapter 8 continues to progress on the conceptual level, and I'm hoping to pick it up and push it forward very soon. The biggest difference in the ease of getting these chapters written is that Chapter 9 is in Aloran's point of view, and Chapter 8 is in Nekantor's. For those of you who know Nekantor, my difficulty in getting into Chapter 8 will now likely make sense. He's hard to write - rewarding, very, but hard.

Now, time to go and write!