December 20, 2010

Novel Progress Report

Recently when I lost two and a half chapters of my novel draft of For Love, For Power, friends told me that the draft would be better when I finally got around to rewriting it. In fact, I spent some time re-thinking what I'd lost, because I knew whatever I rewrote wouldn't be precisely the same (and I wanted those friends to be right!). The good news is that this weekend I completed Chapter 5, the first of the lost chapters, and it's very different. Better, if I do say so myself. I've put some attention into an important character who didn't get a fair shake last time around, and amplified some of the emotional dynamics. I discuss some of the dialogue work I did over at TalkToYoUniverse. Since For Love, For Power is a Varin novel and all about social intrigue among the nobility, I love putting time and attention into tuning the work to reflect the nuances of status relationships among the various groups involved. I'm also happy to say that I've had a great idea for how to make Chapter 6 better. I think I'll sign off and go work on it!


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