December 01, 2010

LosCon Report

Saturday was a crazy but wonderful day. My kids insisted on being awake to drive me to the airport, so I had a terrific send-off and arrived at the convention at about 9am. I went straight to get my badge, and though I had a lunch planned with Karen Anderson, I ended up meeting her in the Green Room along with Analog forum friend Scott Vilhauer and author John DeChancie. Meeting people early appeared to be the theme of the convention for me!

The panel on short story writing was fantastic, thanks in large part to moderator Will Morton, who had prepared questions about plot, character, titling, how to say a lot in few words, etc. to keep us going when we flagged. Everyone had interesting contributions, and I felt we worked well together keeping balance. It was very cool to be on a panel with Larry Niven, who has so many stories to reference to support his points! Stephen Blackmoore, who has his debut novel coming out this year, and I with my Analog cover, got supportive applause from the gathering. Laura Frankos was a very friendly and knowledgeable seat-neighbor, and halfway through the panel I learned she's married to Harry Turtledove, another Analog author, so I followed her out afterward and had a very pleasant conversation with both of them.

The rest of the day was about socializing for me, and I continue to be amazed and gratified at the welcoming response of the science fiction and fantasy authors I've met. This is such a rewarding vocation! I then ran into my agent, Ashley Grayson, while in the dealer's room looking for souvenirs for my kids. We went and had coffee and pastries and a great meeting which really improved my spirits. By the time I was going home I was exhausted and hadn't eaten, so I was grateful for my family's welcome and a bit of leftover meatloaf! It was a wonderful day.