November 16, 2010

Visit to LosCon

LosCon, the Los Angeles science fiction and fantasy convention, is coming up - and I'm going to be stopping by! This year it's billed as "a celebration of urban fantasy, steampunk, and sf noir." It runs over the Thanksgiving weekend at the LAX Marriott, and I'm going to be taking a wild day and flying down to attend on Saturday, November 27th.

I'm going to be on a panel called "The Fine Art of Writing Short Stories" at 10:00am. Here's the blurb:

Everybody believes they can write a short story. But writing a good one, worthy of publication in an anthology or magazine is a craft of its own. Get tips on the best way to use an economy of words to tell a compelling story of any size.

Also with me on the panel will be Stephen Blackmoore, Will Morton, Larry Niven, and Laura Frankos.

This should be a really great discussion, so come and see it! I would be very pleased to meet you.