October 30, 2010

My Cover!

It hasn't arrived in my mailbox yet, but here is the cover of Analog for this month:

Here's a little teaser for the curious...

At Cross Purposes

1. Lynn
One more sector done; we shuck off our helmets with a groan and strap into the shuttle, guys in back and me in the pilot's seat. Six hours in a suit dusting rigs and adjusting chemical mixes will pretty much wear you out. I take us up in a wide circle, as a kind of salute to the part of me I've left in each of these big machines over the years. In the glaring sunlight, the newly cleaned rigs twinkle like a pattern of tiny stars against the gray desolation of Kasemsarn's world - a.k.a. our big experiment.
But eyes can't see what we've really accomplished.
When I look at K's world, I see the color of numbers flowing. Numbers in the ice trees that branch under the soil; numbers in the still-too-thin atmosphere that tell me our machines are working, shifting molecule by molecule until the balance tips. Numbers will bring life to this place, they say, in our lifetimes.
As I pull out of the curve, a shadow on the instruments grips me by the heart...

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