August 26, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.26

Word, and the people bear witness."

David shook with relief as the scale-armored bodies all around settled into rest. Monroe looked angry and terrified; Father was sickly pale in the green-filtered light. Fools, all of them, to let themselves get in this deep. Okay, so it looked better for their coming out alive, now that the gathering had apparently judged them allies – or subjects – or at least, individuals not to be harmed. But the secret was out. He'd really gained nothing in stopping Monroe but a slight delay.

None of their discoveries would be enough to save the colony. If Gariniya was so sacred that it was forbidden even to the children of the People, then how could a human ever be accepted as a legitimate speaker?

Really, Allayo was the only reason they'd been allowed in here at all.

What was it, about Allayo? If she was adult, why had she used signs with the escorts? But if she was juvenile, why had she spoken in his presence before seeing the Mouth? The more he understood, the more confusing it all became. He sank back to the wicker wall as she began to speak.

"I left the Lands of Leaves and broached the great Desert, intending to seek the Path of Ice in the mountains beyond," she said. "But beyond the salt-line break I discovered a strange glinting thing, open at one end like a spent sonamo-pod, yet large enough to enter.

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