September 02, 2010

Reviews of The Eminence's Match (2010)

"The Eminence's Match," Eight Against Reality anthology, Panverse Publishing 2010
  • Recommended: ...Great characterization, a sensitive study of unusual perspectives and attitudes, and evocative prose. Alan Smale
  • "The writing in "The Eminence’s Match" is first class. I loved Ms Wade’s style and her ability to bring her dysfunctional people to life. The story is fitting for an opening act for any best selling anthology. ... Her characters, seeing what they saw and feeling what they felt, made for a powerful reading experience." Frank Dutkiewicz, Diabolical Plots
  • "In "The Eminence's Match" by Juliette Wade, we meet the leader of a clan on a distant world who has a very human affliction: obsessive compulsive disorder. He's on a quest for the perfect man-servant, one he can bend to his will, who will not let anything be out of place – ever. Unless he finds the perfect servant, the halls of his palace will be soaked in blood. Almost as disturbing as the Eminence's cruelty is the new candidate's desire to please, and indeed love, this tyrant. The inner dialog and the fixations are portrayed most credibly." Ann Wilkes, Science Fiction and Other Oddysseys