August 31, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.31

Gariniki who flicked feet and tails away from his footsteps, climbing the rock just as the Elder declared:

"I say young Allayo is no more; the Trial ended, she is Allayo-mudi before the gathering."

"Honor to Allayo-mudi!" The response washed over the central rock.

The Elder blinked at David. "Possessed One, say what it is that you bring before me."

"I am David, son of Arthur Linden, who importuned with his tongue." A thrill of fear and anticipation nearly unbalanced the deep bow he offered to the tiny Elder. "I bring a Tale, if you will hear it." He held his breath.

The Elder considered for a long moment, but at last he stamped his staff on the rock. "Young David today stands before us in the proper place," he called out. "He shall be taken by the Word before the gathering, and be judged."

David looked around at the House of Leaves teeming with the People. Here he stood, finally at the center of everything Garini. These people already understood that their lives balanced on the Word, on the Tale which stood at the intersection of youth and maturity; surely they could understand that the lives of dedicated colonists, and the safety of this beautiful world, could balance on a legal deadline that now stood at the conjunction of Word and word.

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