August 29, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.29

before it unfurls. This, our home, is our House of Leaves, standing before the Mouth of the Heavens."

Amidst the murmurs of the gathering, David heaved a sigh. Somehow the saddest thing about this was how much they had learned. Here in this place Gariniya was no longer a puzzle to be solved, something to be recorded, watched on a screen, then transcribed and analyzed in bits and pieces. In these voices it lived, every last name and obscure reference a part of the whole. While speaking, Allayo stood rapt, creating her tale like reverent poetry. Taken by the Word: there she stood, in the center of it, while humans could never hope to be anywhere but outside.

Allayo turned to look at him. "And then I understood these men, these humans. From the Mouth they emerged, and therefore they speak – like young Torias the Speaker, so possessed by the Word that only death could stop his tongue."

"Possessed!" David whispered, fascinated.

"Maybe that's what they mean by 'taken by the Word,'" said Father. "Maybe we could turn this to our advantage. I'll go up and speak with them, and –"

Despite his own temptation, David interrupted. "And what, Father? We don't know enough to be sure. They could well decide you're insane!"

"But surely..." Father's voice trailed off.

Atop the rock, Allayo bowed to her knees; the Elder put a

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