August 28, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.28

rose until the over-dark seeped in amidst the emerald air, and there, in the well of deepest black, lay a House of Metal to which they brought me. There I endured a cell like beaten shields, leafless and without free-flowing water. In my dreams, I found the Mouth stopped. In my waking hours, my captors showed me vile instruments of blasphemy."

David shook his head at that. No wonder her reaction, then. Was that how she interpreted a machine that could speak?

"I mourned," she said, "until a day when a young one came, silent as an obedient child: no sociable words, and yet no blasphemy, only a beckoning hand. We walked the House of Metal to its great windows, and before me the over-dark flowed, sparkling with its stars like the River Oss in sunlight. Then this one pointed, and I fell prostrate, for in the darkness I saw a Great Mouth, made of air and light."

The crowd gasped as one, a sound underlayered with the rustle of scales and wicker, and the continuous hum of the mountain's Mouth beyond the walls.

"Nezumas-mudi felt fear before the multitude!" said a voice.

Allayo waved a hand. "No; this is no lie, for you yourselves may see the Mouth: it is the Flower of the Over-dark, which these men call the Maken-li nebula. And as from afar the Mouth of Singing Crystal appears a bright speck on the mountainside, so from afar the Mouth of the Heavens appears a bud of pink, like iriyas

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