August 27, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.27

My blood already sun-simmering, I took shelter there, but the pod fell shut and from behind a wall emerged a strange, simian man."

"The bearded wanderer from beyond the Lands importunes with his tongue," said several voices.

Which had to mean Father. David flushed in embarrassment.

"Yes," said Allayo. "I fell back, drawing my Trial-knife with little hope, but he did not attack. He waited, strange skin like soft leather slickened with mist. I invoked Krios-mudi and Poryfas-mudi, in vain. When I called upon him to show the courage of young Bedorel, he opened his mouth and trespassed on the Word, so I turned my back. I thought he had gone, but he returned with worse.

"I must ask you to come with me, he said – as if he believed himself a child in the House of Leaves, or as if the Mouth had opened at his back."

The gathering shifted with breaths of shock.

"I bowed down on the knife-metal floor, and made signs of holy cleansing. It was then that the pod shook and rose into the air, a wind-vessel bearing me away."

The entire chorus had an answer for that, which resonated into David's back. "The wife of Samior-mudi the Elder, stolen by enemies!"

"No," said Allayo, "though so I believed then. Further in, the vessel was rich with pillowed seats and shining lights. It rose and

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