August 25, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.25

blinking. "Quiet!" said David. "You'll get us in tr –"

He was drowned out by a sudden roar:

"The Venomous Snake within our walls, and vile Toryx-mudi at the door!"

Monroe leapt to her feet, fumbling in a pouch at her belt. What was she looking for? A communicator, to call the evacuation? A weapon, God forbid?

"Monroe!" David shouted. He leapt for her left hand; Father grabbed for her right.

Allayo's voice shrieked across the surging mob of reptiles. "NO! WAIT!"

Then came the rap of the staff, and the Elder's voice. "No! There is no venomous snake. The Elders sent young Allayo into the wilderness for Trial, and when she returned with companions, brought her to the House of Leaves, to give herself to the Word before the people."

The wave of chaos froze at its breaking-point. They managed to catch Monroe's hands, to pull her back down as silence returned to the gathering.

A voice asked, "Young Reomus returns from Trial with companions, and expands the Lands?"

"Perhaps," the Elder said. "You shall judge as Allayo speaks."

The gathering returned to unison. "Allayo is taken by the

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