August 23, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.23

from far beyond the Lands: men of skin who swim through the over-dark in pools of air that they carry in shells of fired metal."

There was a pause; the crowd moved uncertainly, an absence of speech like a lack of breath.

"Beautiful golden-scaled Geya-mudi plying the River Oss?" a voice asked.

"No," said another. "The shield of Saramin-mudi, forged over an entire year!"

"Both, I tell you," said Allayo. "When you hear what I have seen, you will understand these stranger-people. They know of things beyond the reach of the Great Tales, before which even the singing crystal of the Mouth falls silent in wonder."


Allayo cocked her head toward that voice. "I heard much blasphemy during my Trial. My journey took me to a place so strange, the words of the Great Tales fell away from my tongue and left me silent, without means to judge."

"That's it." Father gasped, a long, tearful sigh. "Oh, David, that's it. God, it's been eluding me for so long..."

David whispered, "You mean..?"

"She's telling a tale – a new one she's created about her time with us. The rest of them are judging what she says in terms of the preexisting canon, deciding what to think about what she's been through. It's no wonder we never heard any Tales – I had no idea

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