August 02, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.2

like the Great Arthur Linden, who'd made his name across the Allied Systems with his papers exploring the allusive structure of canon-based languages.

God knows they needed him to win another.

There was a worse problem here than just lack of stories, one that would certainly get Officer Monroe summoning her transport-ships if she ever learned of it. Despite thousands of phrases collected and learned in context, a thorough extrapolated grammar and his passable grasp of Gariniya phonetics, Father had never managed to get a Gariniki to recognize that he was speaking their language.

Father was infuriated by the idea of a linguistic problem he couldn't solve, but David had to figure the problem wasn't linguistic at all, or the Great Arthur Linden would have solved it. No, it had to be a social problem – one linked to the mystery of when the geckos told their stories – as the Gariniki would say, why Afara-mudi never talked outside the house.

"The house," David whispered. "Damn!"

What if the gecko stories were told inside the habitations, like bedtime stories?

David quickly clipped a mobile data recorder to his belt. The gecko pair had already moved off. They would have at least a hundred yards on him by now, and Systems rules said humans

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