August 19, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.19

smile. "Well, Officer Monroe, we won't ask you to speak immediately – I'm thinking we should let David start, since he's the one with the existing relationship with our native ambassador. If it comes to that, I'll translate for you. You've got to keep your machine translator for incoming only."

She frowned. "If it comes to that? Why wouldn't it come to that?"

"Well, of course it will," Father said.

David shoved his hands in his pockets. "I think I'll let Allayo do most of the talking."

Officer Monroe looked surprised. She glanced at their escorts and lowered her voice. "David, that's a lot of trust to place in such a new ambassador."

"I trust her." Honesty wasn't their problem anyway. The real problem was this inescapable feeling that he was missing something important, hearing words but only getting part of what they really meant.

Allayo had said several times that she was on trial, looking for a Great Tale. A Great Tale had to be one of the stories of the canon, but how could she be looking for one? What would she be on trial for? She was always talking about the power of sacred words, but how could he tell which ones were sacred when she was so reverent in everything she said?

He could only hope they would let him speak – and that

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