August 18, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.18

out why. Father knew something was wrong, but there hadn't been enough time to discuss it, because Monroe had jumped to conclusions and whisked them down here with unholy speed to meet her artificial deadline.

They couldn't afford to reveal that she was shoving them blind into their only opportunity to speak.

Officer Monroe smiled, melting in her too-pretty clothes. "I'm still impressed to see how you've turned linguistic findings into actual results," she said. "Mouth of Singing Crystal, a cave on a mountainside, and House of Leaves, an actual place? It must have taken years of work to separate the literal from the metaphorical."

Father stared at her while sweat ran down his temples into his beard, no doubt still struggling with their linguistic problem. "Oh, yes," he replied at last. "Years of work."

David didn't mention that when years of work failed, blind luck might also do the trick. He tried to ignore them and the two somber gecko escorts, listening instead to the musical hum emitted when the wind blew across the Mouth of Singing Crystal.

"About the official treaty," said Officer Monroe. "You let me know once you've opened communication for me, Dr. Linden, and I'll join the discussion then."

David couldn't leave that one alone. "Not with a machine translator, you won't."

"Shh!" Father turned back to Monroe with an embarrassed

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