August 16, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.16

I have come to understand that the young human, David, is possessed.

Maybe he is Young Torias the Speaker – for Torias was born within the sacred Mouth amidst the songs of crystals, so filled with the power of the Word that he could not hold his tongue for anyone, not until the Word's coursing energy wore him away to an early death.

A man of skin and hair, like one of the People? I would have thought such a thing impossible, but that was when I believed the sacred Mouth unique, and the gift of the Word due only to the People. Yet now I have beheld the Mouth of the Heavens in its true form and vastness, no longer merely the Flower of the Over-dark it appears from the treetops of the Lands – and I find I have belittled its true power. If the humans have emerged from it, then perhaps they too cannot hold their tongues, for who can control the might of the Word once it has been released? So it surely is with David, and I pity him the wasting death that comes to an overused vessel of the Word, even as I envy him what he must feel, being so taken.

Yesterday, when I told him to come to the House of Leaves, I was so certain: there before me stood one taken by the Word, asking to speak, nearly shaking with its force passing through him. Let him come, I thought, and he shall have what he desires, and bring word of the Mouth of the Heavens to the People. Yet now I wonder if it was only my own desire to end my Trial, to say what I needed so I

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