August 14, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.14

The lounge door whirred open on an empty room. Thank God. David pointed toward the view of Garini, but the gecko-girl didn't even look at it. With a cry, she ran forward to where the vivid pink funnel of the nebula shone through the viewportal, and fell prostrate on the floor.

Oh, no – he'd just ruined their last chance!

Then he heard her speaking. Speaking and speaking, face-down and low, but in complete sentences, in a way no human had ever witnessed.

"Let the Word take me, let it not forsake my tongue in the desert of the over-dark. On the mountainside the Mouth opens, singing, singing in the winds, and the People bow down at the birthplace of the Word, and not a one but is taken with speech. Once was silence, in time before time, and the People speechless, clinging to the trees. Then the Word issued forth from the sacred Mouth, bringing civilization to the Lands, but the people ask: where did it arise? Oh my eyes have been opened! The Mouth of Singing Crystal is but the lesser mouth, the child of the mother, the Mouth of the Heavens! And what great Word shall issue forth to me in the House of Metal at its lips? But let it take me, oh, let the Word take me!"

"The mouth in the sky?" David mouthed half-consciously, grasping for purchase in the flood of cryptic meanings. "The word take me?"

Instantly her head snapped up and her giant amber eyes

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