August 13, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.13

blinked, double-lidded, and licked her lips with a blue tongue.

It seemed enough like interest that David took off his glasses and held them out to her.

The gecko climbed down from the alcove and came toward him. The length of her limbs was more noticeable when she stood upright, giving her a more humanoid look, though she still stood only as tall as his chest. She did not take the glasses, but pushed his hand aside and lifted a corner of his vest between thumb and forefinger.

"The plains thunder in summertime," she whispered. "Criyayo was famed for dexterous fingers."

David's heart thundered like the hooves of the grazers. He took a breath to reply, then stopped himself, realizing that it was his silence that had won him her speech. That and this vest, made of the same leather as her sun-armor. It was a sign that they shared something: Garini, the planet she probably hadn't laid eyes on for days.

Maybe if he took her to see it, she might speak more.

Trying not to startle her, he pressed open the door. Father and Officer Monroe were nowhere in sight – if he was lucky, they'd be somewhere watching the surveillance monitors instead of talking in the lounge. He beckoned to the gecko-girl, who came cautiously up the hall behind him, seemingly aware that there was nowhere to run.

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