August 11, 2008

Let the Word Take Me p.11

David stood up straight. "Nice to meet you," he said. "We don't want to abandon our home to pirates."

Father shot him a look.

Officer Monroe smiled. "It's a hard situation, here, David. The language problem means you on Garini have had a more difficult task opening native relations than any colony in two hundred years. We don't want to see you evicted, but we've reached the limit on leniency permitted by Systems law. I'm authorized to open diplomatic communication if it can be achieved within three days, but if it can't, I'm charged with revoking the colony charter and initiating evacuation. The Garinians must be respected."

"I respect them."

"I'm sure you do. Your father has a lot of faith in you, David, and I hope you can reassure our guest. I didn't mean to unbalance a delicate situation. "

David nearly informed her how stupid she was for approaching a gecko with a machine translator, but Father was giving him the look again. "That's okay," he grumbled.

"Officer Monroe, juveniles have special status among the Gariniki," Father said. "That will give David an excellent chance to put her at ease. I'll just take him down."

A hall led out of the lounge; its smooth pale walls were trying to be sophisticated but only managed to be boring. Father hustled him toward a door twenty feet down on the left side.

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